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Introducing Thank You Thursday

There are so many passionate people around the place who are driven to set up wonderful charities that don’t necessarily get the publicity that they perhaps deserve. There are also some impressive individuals that do wonderful things day after day and really don’t want a thing for it.

Here at Fish Community Solutions we’re really inspired by such organisations and the people behind them and as such have decided to thank and acknowledge one of them each week and profile them on Thursdays, here on The Fish Chick’s blog. These regular posts will be called Thank You Thursday.

I hope you enjoy our first one…

A Friend in Need

Not so long ago I was going for an early morning jog along the beach on quite a cool morning. I jogged past the little beach shelter and noticed what I thought was a pile of clothes in the corner. ‘Someone must be out having a swim,’ I thought, ‘and they’ve left their belongings there.’ About 20 minutes later, as I jogged back past that same spot I saw a man with no shoes having a stretch and straightening his clothes up. It was then that I realised that wasn’t a pile of clothes… it was a homeless person tucked up in the corner of the shelter trying to stay snug throughout the night as he slept. I had just had my first real encounter with my local community’s issue of homelessness and suddenly the coolness of the morning didn’t feel so cool anymore.

In the following few days I did a bit of local research into homelessness and was shocked to find how prevalent it was in my community. Recent studies showed that over 120 individuals were ‘sleeping rough’ each night whether it was in their car or on the streets. I then wondered if there were any services in the community for these people who were some of the most disadvantaged of all. I found that there were a few and one inparticular that I thought I would share with you today for the first Thank You Thursday.

President, John Lee.

You Have a Friend was started in 2006 by a remarkable man, John Lee. They operate in the Tweed district of Australia in the twin towns of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads, and Murwillumbah and Chinderah. On average, with the support of about 60 volunteers, they provide 300 meals each week.

The knowledge, skills and experience of the volunteer group that run this small organisation are dedicated to supporting the homeless through street outreaching, accommodation, food and safe shelter.

So today, The Fish Chick salutes John Lee and his wonderful work in the community with You have a Friend. To learn more about this wonderful organisation please visit their website here.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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