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Thank You Thursday: Trust in Tara

Cambodian Children’s Trust

A year or two ago I first heard about an amazing young Australian woman named Tara Winkler from a good friend who knew her personally.

After spending some time in south east Asia where she witnessed first hand the plight of some children at a small run-down orphanage, Tara decided to do some fundraising so she could take some money back with her next time to help the children.

So over a couple of years there were a few trips back and forth until 2007 when Tara realised how bad things really were and she and some others rescued 14 children from a corrupt orphanage in Battambang – western Cambodia. The children were suffering from severe neglect and shocking abuse.

That was the beginning of Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT).

Tara and some of the kids

CCT is now home to 46 children. The organisation helps the children overcome their backgrounds of abuse and neglect and break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the best possible health care and education.

The organisation’s vision is to create sustainable futures for vulnerable children and families in Cambodia.

Tara and her wonderful work with CCT were featured on the ABC’s Australian Story in 2010 and the same year she was awarded NSW Young Australian of the Year. What an achievement!

This Thank You Thursday, the Fish Chick acknowledges the inspirational work of Tara Winkler and the Cambodian Children’s Trust.

For more information about CCT, visit their website:-

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick

P.S If you would like to view the Australian Story segment, please see the video below.


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