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Thank You Thursday: Generosity at the Grocers

Carolee and Jenni at the grocers

What would you do if you were at the check out at the supermarket and someone else near you had all their groceries ready and no money? Would you offer to pay for them? What if it was over $200 worth of groceries? Would you pay for that?

Well, that’s exactly what Carolee Hazard did almost two and half years ago in her home town of California. The lady in front of her was Jenni Ware and the bill was for $207. Carolee could see how stressed Janni was having realised she left her wallet at home, so she offered to pay the bill for her. Jenni was amazed by such generosity and said she would definintely pay Carolee back.

A few days later Carolee received a cheque in the mail for $300 with a note from Jenni saying thanks. $207 was to cover the groceries and the left overs was to spend on herself for a massage or something.

Delighted with this outcome, Carolee posted her story briefly on Facebook and asked what she should do with the left over amount of $93. Friends and family members started writing back – generally all suggesting she donate it to a food bank or similar. So Carolee did. She threw in another $93 herself and donated it to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Amazingly, some of her friends were so inspired by the story they each donated $93 too. And shared the story on Facebook. Within days, Carolee was getting messages from people all over the country wanting to donate $93 as well.

And so, accidentally, perhaps, began the 93 Dollar Club.

Since that August in 2009, the Club has gone on to receive literally thousands of donations – yes they’ve raised well over $93,000 for the food bank group. As the story spread across the globe, people started donating $93 (or their own version of it – $9.30 or even 93c – if they couldn’t afford the ‘real’ amount.

Today they are heading toward their new target of $200,000! I’ll let the ladies share their story in the video below. Enjoy!

This Thursday, the Fish Chick thanks Carolee and Jenni and the many others who have created the 93 Dollar Club. An explosion of a true random act of kindness.

To learn more about the 93 Dollar Club and how you can get involved click here.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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