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Happy Partner’s Day

Whether you believe in Saint Valentine and the day that’s been named in his honour or not, you must admit, the chocolates and flowers thing is kind of catching. Established way back in 496 AD and having no romantic connotations whatsoever, Valentine’s Day, as it is now more commonly known, is a time for expressing one’s love for one’s partner (or potential partner). And this is often done quite simply with the symbol of love… ♥.

But to over 30,000 children and families across Australia the heart means so much more. It means pain. It means worry. It means life. These are the children with childhood heart disease.

HeartKids is the only organisation in Australia focused on childhood heart disease. They are dedicated in providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with Heart Disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease. While for many families of these children the future is clouded with uncertainty, HeartKids’ goal is to secure the futures of such very special kids.

Drawing an obvious link between Valentine’s Day and the heart, HeartKids have used the concept of February 14 – in fact the whole month of February – for their fundraising campaign HeartKids Awareness Month. Check out their video below.

So back to the Valentine’s Day concept again, if you’re going to celebrate the day it’s somewhat important to have a partner to celebrate with. And on this front, HeartKids have done incredibly well.

To help with their HeartKids Awareness Month campaign the organisation has partnered with Australasia’s largest and most successful multi food franchisors, Retail Food Group.  With over 1150 stores across Australia and NZ such as Donut King, Brumby’s and Michele’s Patisserie, they hope to raise over a million dollars towards finding a cure for Childhood Heart Disease and helping these families.

An ad for the campaign

During the month of February, participating outlets will promote special products like heart-shaped lamingtons or donuts and a percentage of all sales from these products will be donated to HeartKids.

But the partnership isn’t only about cash. It’s about raising awareness too. During the month customers can also dedicate a heart, write a message of love and support to those suffering with CHD and stick it on the shop’s Wall of Hearts. A collection of these heart messages will be sent to CHD sufferers in hospitals Australia-wide.

So, as more and more companies are recognising the benefits of charity partnerships the competition for charities can get fierce. Non-profit organisations must be clever. While most partnerships have some major fundraising targets at their core it is crucial that other elements are considered like employee engagement and customer participation.

I think this charity partnership between HeartKids and Retail Food Group is very clever and, dare I say it, heartwarming. I believe it’s been going for a year or two now and from the outside it appears to tick all the boxes. Dollars, customer inclusion and I’m sure the staff working at the various outlets are feeling great about their efforts to help build the Wall of Hearts.

So, this Valentine’s Day spend some time refining your current corporate partnerships or looking for an opportunity to begin one. Happy partners = ♥ = $$$.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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  1. Excellent article, thanks.


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