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Thank You Thursday: The Real Care Bears

I recently read a sad yet inspiring post on the Mamamia website about a brave woman named Brooke Welch. Brooke’s baby girl, Charlotte, was born with a very rare condition in July last year. Sadly, her heart stopped beating as a result of the condition and she passed away at only 19 hours old with her father, Greg, and Brooke by her side.

This story is heart-breakingly sad and while I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through such pain I wondered if there was any appropriate support for parents and families in this situation. There is. It’s Bears of Hope. An organisation started from such sad circumstances, but now helping parents who have lost their baby during pregnancy or infancy.

Founded about five years ago, Bears of Hope was the vision of two women, Amanda Bowles and Toni Tattis, after each sadly lost a baby of their own.

The Bears of Hope Committee including Amanda and Toni on the right.

The organisation is a support group for bereaved parents and often referred to as a ‘secret club’ that no one really wants to be a part of. Among other things one of their primary goals is to have a support pack available to every family that leaves hospital without their baby after it has passed away.

As many of the parents explain, leaving hospital empty handed and coming home to an empty nursery is the hardest part. The Bears of Hope support pack – which includes an actual teddy bear (as pictured above) – is to hopefully provide some solace.

Today, the Fish Chick thanks Amanda and Toni for using such a tremendous loss in their lives to fuel such a wonderful organisation.

If you’d like to read more about Bears of Hope please visit their website here.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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