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Thank You Thursday: Jungle Fun

I got the last few minutes of Australian Story recently and was captured by a story about two wonderful boys from Sydney with a passion for saving orangutans. Intrigued, I went on to find out more about these boys and their desire to make a difference in the jungles of the world.

It began in 2006 when avid animal lovers, Daniel and William Clarke (then aged 10 and 8), were saddened by the death of Steve Irwin. Shortly after, while watching a documentary on the plight of orangutans in Borneo, Daniel wondered who was going to help looks after such creatures if Steve wasn’t around. It was then Daniel decided he would do something to help. Daniel has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair although this doesn’t stop this otherwise active young boy doing what he believes is right.

One of the first things the boys did was use their own pocket money they had saved to ‘adopt’ an orangutan each through The Orangutan Project. They then organised a fundraising event at their school called the ‘Orang-a-thon’ and had the students get sponsorships for each lap they did around the school oval on either foot or by bike. The event raised $5,500!

In 2010 the boys travelled with their parents on an adventurous trip to Borneo to see first hand the orangutans in the jungles and learn more about the issues facing them in regards to deforestation of the rainforests.

Daniel and one of the orangutans in Borneo

Upon their return to Australia, the boys decided to write a book about their adventure to teach other children about orangutans, the environment and how they too can help make a difference. The book, called Tears in the Jungle, is beautifully written and has some amazing imagery from the boys’ adventure to Borneo.

The boys and their book - hot of the press

In the years since they started their fundraising projects the boys have raised over $600,000 for orangutans with a goal of reaching $1,000,000 so they can buy back some of the rainforests to save the orangutans.

This Thank You Thursday, the Fish Chick acknowledges the wonderful work of Daniel and William Clarke. To support their work and buy a copy of their book, click here.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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