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Thank You Thursday: The Future of Philanthropy

One thing that I have become more and more passionate about the longer I work in the non-profit sector is the education of the community about philanthropy and giving. And one thing I’ve realised is that to really embed generosity and a giving mentality into the Australia culture we need to start with young people.

Growing the culture of giving and philanthropy in Australia by engaging children in meaningful opportunities to learn, grow, develop leadership and harness their giving power‘ is the first objective of a group called Kids in Philanthropy (KIP).

Established earlier this year, KIP is a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation that brings together young people, aged 8-18, to make decisions on how they can raise money, where the funding will go and then get involved in the projects as well. It’s really hands on and brings children and families together as they learn about social justice and giving back.

KIP was founded by 10 year old Indigo Wallace, her brother, Saxon and their mother, Catriona. “We want the children to understand that all children are equal and therefore teach them how to give and help,” Catriona said.

Catriona and her children, Indigo and Saxon. (Image courtesy of

Children involved with KIP will attend workshops, brainstorm charity initiatives and learn about social justice issues from guest speakers.

The first social investment KIP has made is a technology and learning program for children in one of Sydney’s most disadvantaged government areas, Fairfield. The project will provide after school activities that focus on technology, literacy, nutrition and play for children that may not have otherwise had access.

The young people in KIP also participate in the project, providing an opportunity to meet and get to know other children from different backgrounds and cultures, encouraging true community mindedness and equality in all the children involved.

This Thank You Thursday we acknowledge the wonderful work of the Wallace family, Kids in Philanthropy and all the kids and families involved. Such a great opportunity to teach children about how they can start to make a difference in our world.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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