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Thank You Thursday: Compassionate Crafts

Fortunately, more and more businesses nowadays are ‘doing their bit’ for charity. Whether it’s donating part of their profits to a cause or providing employees for volunteering days, it’s really great that the business community is growing a social conscience.

And then, every so often, I hear about a small business doing some amazing things for charity that really go above and beyond what they ‘ought to do’ and really shows their true values and compassion.

Tittle + Tat is one such business. Only just over a year old, Tittle + Tat is an online market place for buying and selling exclusively handmade and/or individually designed children’s goods. Everything from toys to baby clothes, to nappy bags and nursery decorations.

This weekend, Tittle + Tat will be hosting its inaugural Random Acts of Craftiness event.

Crafters (whether professional or hobbyists) all over Australia will be encouraged to get involved by registering to have their own Crafternoon Tea with a few friends and fellow sewers. They will be provided with a kit that has details on how to create little hand-made owls, how to then give-away their little owls and spread the love of handmade goodness through a random act of craftiness.

The intention behind the Tittle + Tat’s Random Acts of Craftiness is to promote handmade and indie design, while brightening up someone’s day with a random act of kindness.”

Courtesy of Miracle Babies website

Random Acts of Craftiness and the Crafternoon Teas will raise awareness and much needed funds for Tittle + Tat’s charity partner, Miracle Babies Foundation.

Miracle Babies support some of the 25,000 premature babies born every year, their families and the hospitals that care for them.

This Thank You Thursday, the Fish Chick acknowledges Tittle + Tat for initiating such a thoughtful and caring initiative as Random Acts of Craftiness. An event, that will not only bring warm, fuzzy feelings to its participants and create joy in the hearts of the person who ‘finds’ the little owl, but will also build great awareness for a very special cause. Let’s get craftin’!

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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  1. Lets get crafting indeed! Thanks for sharing our story Bianca. It is such a positive and win win relationship for us. Miracle Babies is a wonderful charity which is founded and run by an amazing group of mums. This is such a great fit for our business which is made up of many individual sellers, mostly mums. The partnership give us access to new, emotionally connected customers that fit our target market and greater visibility in the community.


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