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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

While it’s not quite December yet, I’m sure you are all aware, that Christmas is precisely four weeks away! It’s a time of giving, best wishes to all and peace on earth. We think of others less fortunate than ourselves and take a moment to appreciate the joy and blessings in our own lives. As fundraisers, this is what we aim to inspire all year round, so it’s wonderful that at Christmas people’s mindsets are already in the zone of giving. According to Network for Good one third of all giving happens in December.

So how we can tap into all this goodwill?

Now if we were super organised we would already have our Christmas fundraising strategy in place and underway; our Christmas donor thank you function organised, our Christmas appeal letter written and in the post, and our emails sent to our loyal donors asking for their support.

But what about some last minute Christmas stocking fillers for your non profit?

If it’s too late to organise the printing, promoting and distribution of your organisations Christmas cards, an alternative is a Christmas E-card. There are a number of companies who can set this up for you if you don’t have the in-house capability. There are a few options with set up but a popular one is where the sender makes a donation to the non profit in lieu of a Christmas present. The E-card is sent with both a Christmas message and details informing the recipient that a donation has been made on their behalf.

Another option is to ask your supporters to purchase an E-card through a business called Charity E-cards –  where 20% of the purchase price goes to their nominated charity (yours of course)! While 20% is not a large piece of the pie, its a little extra income for very little effort or cost.

And, who can resist a Christmas pudding, especially when the money raised is going to a good cause?

Pudding Lane is an Australian company which produces individually handmade puddings which can be used as an easily managed fundraiser. They have supplied large non profits such as the RSPCA and Guide Dogs as well as smaller organisations such as school and church groups. The puddings are made using Australian ingredients, including free range eggs and are sold to non profits at wholesale prices. There is a once only artwork set up fee but delivery is free.

And how about your own Christmas Wish List! What would your organisation like for Christmas?

Why not create your own Christmas Wish List – post it on your website, on your Facebook page and get the local media involved to promote it.

Your supporters can choose from your Christmas Wish List what they would like to give your organisation for Christmas – depending on the mission of your non profit; it could be anything from $20 towards the cost of books for a child in Africa, $50 towards forest regeneration, or $100 towards buying a van to take your clients on outings… the list IS endless!

You could set a target to raise $200 for books for the school in Africa you are supporting and make sure everyone knows when you have reached that target – thank them on facebook, use twitter to get the word out and let the media know – they will love a good news story.

How about you? What are some of the more unique ways you are tapping into the season of goodwill, and spreading the Christmas cheer?

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick


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