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Thank You Thursday: Charitable Cheekiness

ChangeTheWorld2There are more and more social enterprises starting in Australia, and around the world, all the time. And while they are generally all supporting worthwhile ventures and causes, like any business, they need to be sure they stand out. I would say, they have more of a vested interest in standing out and being different, after all they are working for the good of the community.

One new kid on the block in this area that has certainly found a way to stand out is making a name for themselves – one bedroom at a time.

Not many businesses, for profit or otherwise, base their whole business model on being irreverent, but for One Night Stand, it seems that that’s what they’re all about. Their website says they are currently ‘crafting products for you to sleep on, sleep in and strip off just to make the world a better place’. It seems charity just got cheeky!

The oversized bed shirt. (Courtesy of

Their leading product is an oversized bed shirt with the wording ‘I had a one night stand’ emblazoned across the front. Obviously not something that you’d buy your grandmother for Christmas and probably not your Mum for Mother’s Day either. However, a playful product that is ethically produced and empowers wearers to help others through their purchase decisions no doubt has a place in the Gen Y market. This generation are serious about making a difference in the world and the more opportunities they are given to do so, the more likely they will take them.

“Ethically sourced and social impact are two values stitched into every decision made at One Night Stand.”

With a sleepwear range purposefully developed to fund solutions for homelessness in Australia, One Night Stand was the brainchild of Jamie Green. Only a few short years ago, Jamie, was himself faced with the challenge of where to sleep at night. He was inspired to create change. To do something to make a real difference. And so, One Night Stand was born.

Homelessness cannot be ignored.

Homelessness cannot be ignored.

100% of profits from One Night Stand will go toward supporting organisations whose mission it is to change the landscape of Australian homelessness. Despite being known as ‘the lucky country’ there are over 105,000 Australians identified as homeless according to Homelessness Australia. And because the issue is usually a culmination of social and economic issues there is not one simple solution.

Although they will not officially launch until 2013, their oversized bed shirts are available for purchase through their website just in time for Santa to make a few deliveries surely. This Thank You Thursday, The Fish Chick acknowledges Jamie and the team behind One Night Stand. We’re sure they’ll certainly make heads turn for all the RIGHT reasons.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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