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Thank You Thursday: A Sweeter Ale

In light of the Australia Day long weekend having just been celebrated, and Aussies everywhere surely having a beer or two, we thought this post might be quite suitable for our first Thank You Thursday of 2014.

karma kegAt five o’clock every Friday a keg of Carlton Draught is tapped at Sand Hill Road’s five pubs in Melbourne.  These kegs are aptly named Karma Kegs and the patrons decide how much they’ll pay for each pot of beer until the keg runs dry. The proceeds from each of these kegs is then donated to funding ‘small pond’ community projects.

Bar owners cover the cost of the keg and then any cash the customers put up for their beers is donated to projects that may not normally attract enough public attention to get the funding they need.

And do we think our fellow Aussies put a few extra bob in for their beer when they can afford it? It turns out that they do.  While some patrons pay very little or nothing for their beverages, the majority are more than happy to put a little extra in, meaning more than the value of the keg ends up being donated.  The Karma Kegs are an easy way for the customers to connect with and contribute to projects in the community.  And who wouldn’t want to do a little good while having a cold beer?  It tastes all the sweeter!

beer_th1Throughout December, Karma Kegs raised funds to build a Healing Garden for an Aboriginal community of Port Augusta.  Even Aussie cricket legend, Boonie, popped in to buy a $500 pot of beer to support the project.  In November, I Give a Buck, a charity assisting terminally ill and severely disabled kids was supported.

What pub vendors would like people to remember of course is ‘Karmic Law – What goes around comes around!’ There are stories told of a man who under paid for his beer then left the bar to find a parking ticket on his car.  And another man who took his beer for free said he got sick and  accumulated $1500 in fines over the next week.

“Maybe I am getting bad karma,” he questions, and it sounds true.

So this Thank You Thursday, The Fish Chick would like to raise her glass to the bar owners who fund karma kegs and the patrons who generously part with their hard earned cash for a well meaning frosty beer.

See you in the pond,

The Fish Chick.


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  1. What a great idea, love it!

  2. Love this idea!


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