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Thank You Thursday: Dreaming Big

Note from The Fish Chick: Many members of the Fish Family would already know about our Business Manager, Dianne Murray. I’m pleased to say that she will be now regularly featuring in our Fish Blog as Miss Fish Biz.

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Little Dreamers - 2011

Most nine year old girls are busy playing dress ups or with Barbie dolls, but not Madeleine Buchner or Rebecca Abelman. Through their own personal experiences, they came to learn that there were many young people, just like them, whose lives were being impacted because they were a sibling or a young carer of a seriously ill child. So, in 2002 these girls started a small charity called Little Dreamers.

Little Dreamers provides dream experiences to siblings of seriously ill children and young carers. They do this, because they understand the attention and finances are normally directed to the sick child, and rightly so. The aim is to lighten the load of unfortunate family circumstances, and boost self-esteem in the process.

Providing dream experiences to these children, is a chance for them to feel special,’ says Madeleine.

Experiences provided by Little Dreamers to date edge on the fun side of life. They have included a stay at the Hilton Hotel, limousine rides, hot-air balloon experiences, an overnight stay at the Melbourne Zoo, family passes to Luna Park and box seats at an AFL match. Such valuable time out from the day to day routine for these young people.

This video is a great showcase of the growing charity:

Madeline and Rebecca are now in their early twenties. Last year they excitingly moved Little Dreamers into their own offices and are looking forward to a busy future of helping others. While they acknowledge it challenges them both they also see the rewarding experience that it is and knowing that in a small way they are making a difference to other young people.

When it’s something you’re so passionate about fear can often be the thing that pushes you forward and makes you try harder to make everything happen,” says Madeleine.

One of Little Dreamers’ latest achievements was being announced winners of the Grill’d Local Matters campaign for the month of December. Other successful fundraisers have included children’s fashion parades functions at Hard Rock Cafe and even their own cook book called ‘Cut in Half’.

So this Thank You Thursday, we say thank you to Rebecca Abelman and Madeleine Buchner for helping deliver dreams that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Keep swimming,
Miss Fish Biz


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