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Thank You Thursday: A Wheely Good Idea

With the Tour de France happening this month, we thought it would be fitting to turn our focus to a social enterprise that is all about bikes and cycling. Good Cycles is a non-profit business located in Melbourne that provides mobile bike mechanics who come and repair your bike while you’re at work, university or even on the bike path; saving you time and even money, through group discounts.

Good Cycles offer training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged people, many who have experienced long term unemployment. Their challenging circumstances might include substance abuse, mental illness, disability or homelessness.

Founders Loretta Curtin and Luke Wright modelled Good Cycles on an idea they saw in London where a bike shed in Victoria Park worked with people on the verge of homelessness. They decided a mobile version would be perfect for Melbourne’s ever expanding bike commuters.

At Good Cycles we believe bicycles are an excellent tool for achieving this mission of ours. The humble bike, considered by some as the greatest ever invention, is an important vehicle for engaging people and communities. It is our ongoing aim to continue tackling social and environmental issues two wheels at a time.”


Working with Melbourne City Mission, job agencies, and the Youth Support and Advocacy Service, the 18 month traineeship program offered by Good Cycles, also provides ongoing counselling and support and delivers positive outcomes for motivated people who have suffered disadvantage and want jobs.

Trainees are paired with professional bike mechanics offering a high quality and hassle free service to the 15,000 cyclists in and around Melbourne city. It’s a perfect solution for keeping your chain greased and helping others at the same time. All profits go directly to training, employing and supporting people in need of a helping hand.

A great program Good Cycles has been involved in this year is ‘The Good Wheel Project’ where abandoned bikes are taken from the streets of Melbourne and fixed up. Good Cycles then works with refugees to educate them on bike maintenance and safety on Australian roads. At the end of the course theyparticpants get one of the refurbished bikes, a new helmet, bike lock and the knowledge to help them be safe on the road. Check out this short video below to see The Good Wheel Project in action:

When times are tough often the things you need the most are the most difficult to obtain. A vocation can be key in lifting someone out of hard times, giving a sense of purpose and contributing to self esteem. So this Thursday, we say thank you to Good Cycles for helping keep people on their bikes and creating opportunities for some of our most vulnerable community members.

Keep swimming,

Miss Fish Biz


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