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Thank You Thursday: Heaven Sent

When I first stumbled upon Sevenly I was amazed at what a fashionable and effective concept they had come up with. Founded on the idea that ‘People Matter’ this smart, internet savvy social enterprise teams up with a different charity each week, produces tee shirts that the public love and markets them to their dedicated followers. With each tee sold, Sevenly gives $7 back to the charity.

In addition to the tees, they’ve now expanded and you can also buy a pen or little badge to support a great cause; the whole point being that the money goes where it’s needed. Sevenly have a lifestyle product line that simultaneously serves as the vehicle for solving world problems. These are clothes you’ll actually want to wear and with a variety of options so you can get exactly what suits your style.

Since their formation in 2011 they have teamed up with one new charity every week to raise both awareness and funds for that cause. This simple act of buying a shirt changes lives and they have helped raise millions of dollars and changed millions of lives in the process. Check out this short video:

When asked about the meaning of the name Sevenly, Dale, their CEO, explains:

The name Sevenly was chosen as a distinct play off the word ‘heavenly’; which we interpret as ‘a world without need’. This concept combined with the numeral 7, which Biblically has always represented the number of completion, defines not only our name but upholds our mission as well.”

Dale also said he aims to “move a generation towards generosity”, which is why we love them even that little bit more; they are serious about creating change.

At the time of writing, this week’s campaign was Music For Relief and the funds raised will provide solar powered light bulbs to families devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. They had raised $2,500 in the first two days with a target of $7,000 for the week.

Some of the campaigns pack a real punch, with one of their most successful campaigns being for Autism Speaks. Almost $100,000 was raised to help improve the lives for all who suffer with autism spectrum disorders. All in a seven day partnership with Sevenly. While they’re US based, they support international organisations too; in 2011, they raised $8,624 for Mercy Ships Australia.

Sevenly was named ‘America’s most social business’ by and was ‘one of the Top 10 Stories in the First 10 Years of Facebook’. Two recognitions which are no small feat. Their campaigns have been shared more than 4 million times of Facebook since their inception.

This Thursday we say thank you to the very stylish Sevenly for their wonderful products and the change that they are making in the world, one tee shirt at a time.

Keep swimming,

Miss Fish Biz


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