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Thank You Thursday: Loving Words

Saturday is Valentine’s Day. And no matter what your thoughts are on the topic, ‘It’s too commercial’, ‘Such a beautiful tradition’, or ‘So over-rated!’, I think I have just the story that will make you smile and be agreeing that perhaps the world does need a little more love.

Hannah Brencher was a 22 year old university student when she started writing and leaving love letters all over New York City as way of combating her own feelings of loneliness and depression.

Sharing her story on her blog she posed the question, ‘Do you need someone to write you a love letter today?‘ and by the next morning she had an inbox full of requests for their own notes from the heart.

Soon enough, with her strong belief in the power of pen and paper, this young woman started a global organisation called The World Needs More Love Letters.

“The world doesn’t need another website. It doesn’t need another app or a network. What it needs is really basic. Simple. Bare-boned and often forgotten in the race to get followers, likes and status. Love. Pure, old-fashioned never goes out of style Love.”

Watch Hannah speak about how it all started in her TED talk from 2012:


More Love Letters harnesses the kindness in others, and their belief that the world does in fact need some more love, and encourages them to write letters of love to strangers. Someone who needs an extra bit of love can be nominated for a Love Letter Bundle. The organisation selects a few people each week from the nominations and posts on their website for others to write a letter to.

In less than three years, More Love Letters has grown into a movement of over 20,000 letter writers across all 50 states of America, 53 countries and more than 60 college campuses.

So, this Thank You Thursday, we send some love Hannah’s way as we congratulate her on starting such a wonderful initiative.

See you in the Pond,

The Fish Chick.

P.S If you’d like to read more about Hannah’s story, her memoir ‘If You Find This Letter’ is being published and will be available from next month.






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