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What is Fish?

With a desire to create positive change in the world combined with her enthusiasm for soulful, grassroots organisations, Bianca began her own business. Fish Community Solutions was built on the principle of sharing skills and knowledge. Through the provision of strategic development, specific fundraising and corporate social responsibility solutions and coaching, Fish works with non-profit organisations and businesses to enhance our community.

The Fishin’ (The Fish Mission)

Fish works closely with charities and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance our community. We have a commitment to understanding the heart of our clients; while strategically and creatively using their vision to develop, implement and teach a profitable funding model and corporate social responsibility solutions.

Our Keys to Success
Functional: The ability to coach our client and provide easy-to-use resources
Inexpensive: Provide cost-effective support and an alternative to high cost consulting
Strong relationships: Develop loyal, long term clients
Heartfelt: Have a genuine interest in the client, their cause or core business.