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Supporting Charities to Make Real Change

Following some workshops I ran in Tasmania last year, I was asked to write an article for a community newspaper in northern Tasmania called the Meander Valley Gazette. They wanted me to discuss the ‘charities and overheads’ topic that all-too-often rears its ugly head and help their community understand more about it. I thought I’d share the article in today’s blog post and hopefully we can spread it far and wide in our non-profit networks and get more people talking positively about charities and their expenditure.

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Unpacking Ungiving

Organisations that are involved in direct mail appeals or direct response are often working hard to increase the response rate. So we focus on the group of donors that actually respond and see how we can increase that number. We ask questions like; Who are these people? Where do they come from? What motivates them to give?

I recently heard Martin Paul from More Strategic give a presentation about knowing your donors. He asked the question ‘Why do donors stop giving?’ and it got me thinking. Almost half of all donors give one donation and then never give again.  So, perhaps looking at why donors stop giving should be the focus?  Perhaps, why they stop giving is more important than why they do?

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Mind Your Manners

One of the first things we are taught as children when we first learn to speak is to say, ‘ta’.

Saying please and thank you was considered so important by many parents that it is taught before learning to walk, riding a tricycle or going to school. Kids all over are prompted to say it on their birthday when Aunt Francine gives them a card (and no present!), when they would like a drink when at a friend’s house after school or when someone ‘blesses’ them after they have sneezed. So, by the time we reach adulthood those sorts of manners are (hopefully!) ingrained in us.

Yet, in fundraising, when a donor gives us a donation, a contribution from their own pocket to help our cause, we often forget to say thank you.

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Christmas is about Giving

With only six more sleeps until Christmas I really hope you’ve sorted out your Christmas shopping by now. I know I’m almost ready. Just a few more tackle boxes to buy and this Fish Chick is done. 🙂

Seriously, though, Christmas is about giving and what better way to give than by, what I like to call, double-gifting.

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