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Engaging the Donors of our Future

Also known as Gen Y, the Millennial Generation is growing up to be a force to be reckoned with, and like previous generations, they’re doing things quite differently. Born from 1980 to 2000 and considered digital natives, Millennials are also the largest and most educated generation in history. There are about 2.5 billion Millennials globally; which is about one third of the population, so they are not to be ignored.

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Time to Chit Chat

Conferences and professional development opportunities are not only great because they provide us with a chance to learn more about best practice techniques or new trends in fundraising, but they often remind us of vital aspects of what we should be doing and inspire us to get back on track a little.

Earlier this year I was at the FIA Conference and internationally renowned fundraiser and author, Simone Joyaux, was one of the key speakers. She, among others, really reminded me of one key activity we should be doing as much as possible as fundraisers… talking to our donors! Read the rest of this entry

Make it Personal

Communicating with our donors and supporters can be a golden opportunity to convert a one-off donor into a committed lifelong supporter of our cause. The way we go about, and our success at communicating with our donors, will determine whether they keep giving and become long term supporters with the potential of leaving the ultimate gift – a bequest.

However if we lose them along the way due to lack of communication, too much communication or inappropriate communication… it’s an opportunity lost.

Some suggestions to improve your donor communications are best encapsulated in three little words… make it personal. Let me explain.

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Donors are Dynamite (Part Two)

Engaging your donors

Last week, in this blog, we helped you get to know your donors. In part two  of our ‘Donors are Dynamite’ blog post we are going to highlight some key points about how to best keep them happy, now that you know them.

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Donors are Dynamite (Part One)

Know your donors

Who are they? We have written before about treating donors properly, but over the next two weeks, in a two-part blog post, we are going to share some more important information about donors. Firstly, who are your donors?

Knowing who is writing cheques for your cause is important

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Unpacking Ungiving

Organisations that are involved in direct mail appeals or direct response are often working hard to increase the response rate. So we focus on the group of donors that actually respond and see how we can increase that number. We ask questions like; Who are these people? Where do they come from? What motivates them to give?

I recently heard Martin Paul from More Strategic give a presentation about knowing your donors. He asked the question ‘Why do donors stop giving?’ and it got me thinking. Almost half of all donors give one donation and then never give again.  So, perhaps looking at why donors stop giving should be the focus?  Perhaps, why they stop giving is more important than why they do?

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Making More Than Money

This week fundraisers from all over the country will be arriving on the Gold Coast in anticipation of the annual Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Conference where they will be set to learn lots, hear from some amazing speakers and network with their peers of the non-profit industry.

While looking forward to the conference, I’ve had some time to reflect on the one I attended 12 months ago. One of the highlights for me was hearing from international fundraising guru, Ken Burnett. Ken is probably one of the most well regarded fundraisers in the world and best known for his book, Relationship Fundraising. His ideas on donor-based fundraising are more relevant today, I believe, than perhaps when his book was first written 20 years ago.

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