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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

While it’s not quite December yet, I’m sure you are all aware, that Christmas is precisely four weeks away! It’s a time of giving, best wishes to all and peace on earth. We think of others less fortunate than ourselves and take a moment to appreciate the joy and blessings in our own lives. As fundraisers, this is what we aim to inspire all year round, so it’s wonderful that at Christmas people’s mindsets are already in the zone of giving. According to Network for Good one third of all giving happens in December.

So how we can tap into all this goodwill?

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Cheers for Peers

Last month we wrote about peer to peer fundraising. We explained what it was and why the benefits were for charities who decided to do it. If your organisation decides that it is going to embark on the peer to peer campaign trail there are certain things you need to consider to ensure it is successful. Today, we are going to share some tips on getting it right.

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Thinking Differently – Taking a Bite from the Apple

Apple is definitely a company that has always been known for thinking differently. Even before they first came up with the brand slogan, Think Different, fifteen years ago. It is because of this ability to think outside the box that many believe has contributed to so much of their success.

In the non profit world we don’t think different often enough. It’s too risky for our fundraising plans. Or too precarious for our conservative Boards. However, I think it needs to change. Even if just a little; every now and then in order to get our causes noticed. Here are  three examples of something done differently by a non profit to help them get that little bit of extra attention.

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An Artist is Born

Art auction of a different kind

When I first saw this concept I must admit I thought it was a little weird. But then when I watched the video again and actually thought about the concept – the idea behind it – I was intrigued. While it is a slightly odd initiative, it is brilliant. Beautiful, in fact.

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