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Five Books to Read This Year

It’s no secret that here at Fish Community Solutions we think education is important. It is one of the keystones in which our business was built, we have a scholarship program to ensure education opportunities take place, and, we’ve written in this blog before about the importance of professional development.

It is important that as fundraisers and people working in the charity sector, we should want to keep ourselves relevant to the work we do. One economical way to do this is to read books. Just over three years ago we also did a post about a few great books to read in the fundraising sector, but today, we’d like to take a new perspective on this topic. We’ve got five must-read book recommendations from five people with great experience in the charity sector (well four people, and me, haha). Take a look…

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Circles of Generosity

I first heard about giving circles a few years ago when I attended a presentation by James Boyd at a fundraising conference. He spoke about how, through being the recipient of the FIA Perpetual Scholarship, he had visited a number of organisations in the USA and learnt about a model of giving that was yet to be realised this side of the Pacific.

A giving circle is a group of individuals that pool their donations and collectively decide which charity or local community group to give it away to. Often the donations are set at a certain amount and the group is quite active in their philanthropy, with members often seeking to increase their understanding of the social impact their donation will help achieve.

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Thank You Thursday: Fashionably Philanthropic

In our Thank You Thursday blog posts we normally feature small charities or social enterprises, or sometimes stories about someone doing good in the world. Today we are looking at a business with profits and purpose.

Wandering though one of Australia’s local village markets recently I stumbled upon a stall selling uniquely designed clothing. The more I asked about the clothing and how it came about the more impressed I was with the company that had produced the items. Tonle is a clothing company situated in Cambodia doing their bit for the environment and for the human rights of their staff which we happen to think is pretty cool.

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Thank You Thursday: Washing under Orange Skies

Did you know that every night in Brisbane around 300 people sleep rough in parks, under bridges, in laneways, car parks and abandoned buildings?

While every morning most people, like you and me, wake up and slip on a pair of clean pants and a freshly washed shirt without any thought about it. With a load of washing costing about $6 at a typical laundromat this is an expense that is out of reach for many who are sleeping rough.

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Keeping Volunteers Happy

This week is National Volunteer Week so we thought it would be appropriate to have a blog post on the topic. Now in its 26th year, this special week is dedicated to celebrating volunteers and volunteerism in Australia. Over six million Australians volunteer across our country and this week provides an opportunity to highlight their role and to say thank you.

Here at Fish, we are delighted to have this guest blog from Adrienne Picone, the CEO of Volunteering Tasmania:

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Shoeboxes Spread Joy at Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when we stop to think about others. It’s a time to be grateful for what we have and the people we have to share it with.

One organisation that connects people through the joy of giving at Christmas is the Santa Shoebox Project (SSB).

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Our Day of Philanthropy

Today is National Philanthropy Day; a day to recognise the great contributions philanthropy, and those people in the philanthropic community, make to enrich our world. It’s a celebration of giving, volunteering and charitable engagement that highlights all the accomplishments that philanthropy makes to society.

Philanthropy, for those that aren’t too familiar with the word, is the love of mankind. And it’s a topic that I’m quite passionate about, especially with regards to encouraging it amongst more people, and I know I’ve written about it on this blog here before.

So, as you can imagine, I think the idea of National Philanthropy Day is a fabulous one… except for one little problem.
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