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Donations and Grants

Achieving Grant Success

grantsGrant writing can be one of the most cost effective ways to generate project funding for your organisation. The key is, however, to make sure you are doing things the best way possible.

Here are a few of handy hints to help you write your best proposal.

  • Give yourself plenty of time and be aware of deadlines.
  • Read, read and read again. The funder guidelines are crucial to putting every application together.  Make sure you read them before you start the application to be sure that you fit the eligibility criteria.  When you are finished go back and check you have done everything asked of you.
  • Be sure to include as much about WHY you are doing what you do, WHO it will help and HOW it will make a difference in the community for the future.

For more details and useful tips on grant writing success, please email Fish’s Business Manager Miss Fish Biz and request a copy of the best practice for grant writing success help sheet.

Cashing in on Chrissy Cards

Christmas cards are an item that your donors are likely to purchase at some stage.  Purchasing them from a charity they support will make an already feel-good product even better.

This is a great way to raise awareness of your cause and promote your brand.  For charities that focus on cards as part of their Christmas campaign this can provide a valuable income source.

You can partner with a social enterprise like  Christmas Cards 4 Charity who will include you in their list of charities and consumers can add your logo to their Christmas cards when purchasing.  Donations will be then divided between the charities that are chosen.

You can have your own cards printed up through a site like Vista Print where you need to make the outlay upfront and then on-sell them to your supporters through your website or other sales methods that your organisation has in place.  An e-card is also a great option to give your supporters and keeps costs down all round.

Sourcing Grant Opportunities

ourcommunity_smallThe Funding Centre is a grants and fundraising hub. Being part of the Our Community group, it is built around a self-sustaining social enterprise model where their paid products help to subsidise the free or low cost ones.

The grants database is a feature of the Fundraising Centre website along with grant writing seminars, free help sheets, sustainable fundraising strategies and information on holding events.   They also have dozens of step-by-step guides to help you in many facets of fundraising.

A single user subscription for non-profit organisations and schools is only $85.  You receive access to the grants database, customised fundraising newsletter, grants alerts, fundraising tools and an Our Community membership with subscription.

For more information or to subscribe, click here.

A Guide to Fundraising

When we come across a good resource we like to share it with you, so in that light  today we’d like to tell you about ‘A Guide To Fundraising’ from the School For Social Entrepreneurs (SSE).

This guide is designed to support your understanding of fundraising fundamentals and how to integrate them into achieving your enterprise vision.

At SSE they believe in learning by doing and that organisations need to communicate what is unique and wonderful about them.

The main areas covered are:

  • Why do we fundraise and common hurdles to overcome
  • How do we achieve fundraising success
  • The where and what funder/ partner categories are out there

SSE believe that this guide could be handy for others in the community sector also so are making it widely available.

To download the guide, click the link below.


Want More Bequest Income?

080714_0518_Isafoundati2.jpgRegistering for My Bequest is a good option for your organisation if you are looking to receive more bequest income or do not have your own bequest strategy in place.

For $660 your organisation will be profiled both online and in the hardcopy of My Bequests Directory.  The directory is then promoted to more than 37,000 Australian law and financial advisory firms across Australia and seniors organisations.

My Bequest is Australia’s only online and hardcopy bequest directory. Registration takes only 15 minutes and potential bequest donors can request information and make a bequest to you online with your organisation receiving an email advising you of this immediately.

For more information, click here.

A Word on Wills

willA new report has emerged based on four years of research by a collaboration of Australian universities.  Having The Last Word Will Making and Contestation in Australia can be of help to non profits when planning their bequest programs.

The report revealed only 16% of individuals found it important to include a charity in their will.  The majority of these people were women and people without children.

Charities are advised to differentiate their bequest programs from other non profits while keeping it as just one part of their overall fundraising program.

22% of people intended to make a will but had not yet meaning that they were all potential donors.

Having the last word