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Professional Development

Scholarships for the Non-Profit Sector

The Australian Scholarships Foundation (ASF) provides scholarships for the Australian not-for-profit sector and is the only organisation in the country that is dedicated to doing so.

The ASF uses their funding to focus on people, rather than programs.  They believe in investing in people, making leaders that can affect organisations ‘from the inside out’.

‘What if a donated dollar invested in people could multiply the NFP sector’s productivity many times that dollar and really boost much-needed social change?’

The AFS offers access to the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Non-Profit Leadership.  It is valued at $36,000.  The scholarship allows a deserving candidate to further their development within the non-profit sector.

This an exceptional opportunity for personal, professional, and broader impact through research, experiential learning or management training at an approved U.S. institution or charitable organisation.

For more information about scholarships they have Click Here.


What Are You Reading?

F&PIn light of the ‘you are what you eat’ saying, Fish also believes you are what you read too. In saying this, it’s really important for those of us working in fundraising to keep on top of news in the sector.

A great way to do this is by subscribing to Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine. Delivered to you six times a year, it’s full of insights, analysis and inspiration for non-profits.

From articles about successful fundraising campaigns and philanthropic gifts, to snippets of research and upcoming professional development events, F&P Magazine is sure to educate and inform you.

To check it out online – Click Here.


Building a Better Board

Most organisations would like to help improve their Board and the skills and knowledge of Board members. Better Boards may just help you do that.

Better Boards aim is to create positive impact through governance and leadership solutions. They have Australasia’s largest selection of governance and management titles for non-profit leaders. At their website you can find answers, examples, tools, advice and information, insights and inspiration.  There are lots of books, articles, surveys, seminars and news from the NFP sector.

They also hold master classes for you or your organisation’s board members to attend.  For example the last master class was on ‘Practical Governance & Leadership’.  These Classes are held in major cities across the country for your convenience. Better Boards holds an annual three day conference to share knowledge, learn and network.

For more information click here.


What’s on the bookshelf?

Some time ago, The Fish Chick reviewed a fundraising book that changed the way she tweeted.
Twitter for Good – Change the World One Tweet at a Time is written by Claire Diaz-Ortiz who is the Head of Philanthropy at Twitter Inc.

Twitter has 2.9 million Australian users which means that non-profits who are engaging supporters through social media like Facebook should definitely consider Twitter now too.  This book can help you get a handle on how to make it work for you.

Ortiz-Twitter-for-GoodTo read the review and be inspired to learn something new to help promote your organisation click here.

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Online Courses with FIA

The Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) provides a range of education & training products for the fundraising sector.  The newest line of training is available to be completed online and was created by online learning specialist Nelson Croom  and experts in each field.

With ten different subjects to choose from ranging from Negotiation Skills to Managing from Within the Team,courses are self paced, flexible and designed to be completed in approximately four hours.

Designed to make business skills development courses affordable for fundraisers with the cost per course being $110 for FIA members and $145 for non members.

For more information or to register for online business courses, click here.


Fundraising Podcasts

Podcast-RSSPodcasts. Everybody is using them and so can you.  It’s similar to listening to the radio, except you get to choose the topic that you’re interested in, and listen to it at any time that’s convenient for you.  You can listen straight from your computer or save your podcasts to an mp3 player conveniently listen to them when you’re on the go. If you’d like to listen straight from your smartphone or tablet, well,​ there’s an App for that too.​

A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of podcasts on a wide range of fundraising topics but a couple of The Fish Chick’s favourites at the moment are The Fundraising Authority with recordings that go for around 30 minutes, and Talking Alternative Broadcasting which tend to be around an hour each.

We have picked a podcast to get you started which features Pamela Grow who specialises in working with small charities. To listen to Podcast #16: Stewarding Your Donors from The Fundraising Authority click here.