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CSR Coaching

Fish Community Solution’s coaching services provides an ongoing support system for your business.  We understand that being a socially responsible business is increasingly important to your stakeholders and work with you to give back to the community in the most sophisticated way possible. Forging links with local charities can also help build better employee engagement opportunities with your team.

In any business, corporate social responsibility requires thought and direction, and this means someone needs to be responsible for it. In a small or medium sized business it is not often practical to appoint someone solely for that purpose. Fish Community Solutions can provide that support for you. We can drive your strategy and ensure implementation is carried out throughout your business.

Every business has different corporate social responsibility objectives and we can work with you to develop measurable goals specifically for your business. Some ways in which we can work with you are;

  • Provide advice and guidance on how to become a better corporate citizen
  • Research and review potential charity partner options and make approach on your behalf
  • Prepare a non-profit partnership offering for your business
  • Liaise with chosen charity partner and work with them to launch partnership
  • Guidance and support for staff to ensure the action plan can be successfully implemented

Coaching is usually a longer term plan, with Fish Community Solutions recommending a good 6-12 months  to work together.

All fees and expenses are outlined at the beginning and agreed upon before the project is undertaken.

Contact us so we can provide the solutions you need.