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Getting it Socially Sorted

More and more small organisations, as well as most of the big ones, are trying to get ahead by investing their resources in social media. (Remember our post a while ago about the growth of social media?) While it is a low-cost alternative to other types of marketing methods, you still want to be sure that you are doing things well in this space. And if you aren’t doing much in this space, hopefully some of these tips will at least help you get started with Facebook.

In this blog post, we have the Ginger Ninjas, experts on all things social media and friends of Fish, share with us some tips to get the best results for your social media.

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Don’t be Antisocial

You may have heard a little whisper recently about something called peer to peer fundraising. And if not, you’ve probably been asked by someone you know, perhaps a friend or family member, to sponsor them while they complete a personal challenge of some kind. Well, this, is peer to peer fundraising and it is all the rage in the fundraising world. Read the rest of this entry

Getting Your Timing Right

Anyone who is on Facebook would have noticed by now the changes that have been happening to profile pages to incorporate a new timeline look. Unfortunately, whether we like or not, this format will eventually roll out across all personal profiles and pages; this means the look of your charity’s page will soon be changing (if it hasn’t already).

While this might be seem by some as a nuisance, my advice would be to learn what you can about the new design and use the opportunity to freshen up your organisation’s Facebook presence.

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Twitter gets Tweeter for Charities

Twitter recently made some changes to its design and tools that I believe are really going to improve the way a charity can market itself online through the social media platform.

So for those of you on Twitter, here are few things that will help you get better results from your account. And for those of you that are not, perhaps now is the time to fly out into the Twitterverse.

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Social Media is Here to Stay

Social media websites have been on the increase since their introductions throughout the last decade. Not only has number of users grown, but the time spent using social media has also grown rapidly. There is undoubtedly a power within these numbers.

Whilst some charities have already harnessed the power of this medium, many smaller non profits are still a few steps behind. I believe, however, if we have a look at some of the facts and figures behind the growth of social media I’m sure you will make 2012 the year to prioritise your cause’s presence on social media.

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Twitter 4 Good is Twitterly Great!

I was recently given the opportunity to read a new book just before it was published. Twitter for Good was written by Claire Diaz-Ortiz who is the Head of Philanthropy and things at Twitter Inc.  She has spent much of her time there over the past few years talking with and supporting charities and businesses that use Twitter (or want to use Twitter) for encouraging social change.

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